Audi to launch new models in India and Paris

Audi to launch new models in India and ParisIn India, Audi, the German luxury auto maker is launching its new model Q7 SUV. The SUV will be priced at Rs. 59.29 lakhs. The commercial deliveries will start in Jan 2011.

The SUV has the maximum speed of 245 km/hr as it comes with 8-speed mode. The new Q7 is programmed to run in just 6.9 seconds at 100 km/hr.

The SUV has two versions in diesel model – one model has 3.0 lit engine capacity and other has 4.2 lit engine capacity. Further, for assessing the response to the launching of luxury sedan A7, Audi is going to conduct a feasibility survey.

From its Aurangabad Plant, whose capacity will be 30000 units per year from 2011, its aims to increase its output. Before this year end, the capacity will be increase to 2000 units as the plants assembles the luxury sedans namely A6, A4 and Q5 SUV for India. This year, Audi’s target is to sale 2700 units this year against 1658 units sold previous year.

Meanwhile, in Paris Motor Show, Audi is going to launch a new luxury car A1.