Night shift at Ceduna, Yamba scrapped

South-AustraliaThe Government has announced that as South Australia is winning the war against fruit fly, night shifts will be scrapped at Yamba and Ceduna.

Many local residents at Ceduna grow their own fruit and Ceduna unlike the Yamba roadblock which is the entry from neighboring Victoria into the fruit growing region of the Riverland, isn't a region known for its fruit growing

Agriculture Food and Fisheries Minister Michael O'Brien regarding the closure of the roadblocks stated, "South Australia has experienced three years without any fruit-fly outbreaks in that time".

In February this year a fruit fly outbreak happened in Adelaide and before this it was in December 2007 when a fruit fly outbreak happened in the Wesyst Coast town of Ceduna.

At the time, the Primary Industry Research South Australia (PIRSA) manager of Plant Health Compliance and Surveillance Bruce Baker stated that fruit from Western OZ was the cause behind the outbreak as travelers from there carrying fruits came into the district without letting the staff know about the fruit and then throwing it after realizing that it was too soft to be eaten and this was what caused the outbreak.