Labor Still Unconvinced About the Proposed Changes Made to Telco Act

TelcoThe fibre pricing is due to be decided by the commercial contracts negotiated with Crown Fibre Holdings (CHF).

The Government on the other hand plans to bring about some necessary changes in the Telco Act, just so that the Commerce Commission does not get a chance to recommend any regulation of fibre services until 2020.

The labor too is ready to counter any amendments made to the Telecommunications Act which would take the regulatory control for broadband pricing, away from the Government’s $1.5 billion Ultra Fast Broadband plan.

IDC market analyst Rosemary Spragg is said to have stated that the act of suspension of regulatory control had been done so as to drive the uptake by retail providers such as telcos. He had said that a period of ten years without any regulation would provide certainty to investors.

Opposition ICT spokesperson Clare Curran however made it very clear that if their Government would be elected they would certainly revisit changes made to the Telecommunications Act, as the labor was still unsatisfied and unconvinced that there was a need to remove normal regulatory control on UFB pricing.

“Labour has serious concerns that setting a 10-year regulation free period for pricing on our newest piece of major infrastructure, will not serve the best interests of New Zealand consumers or the industry long term”, she said.