RIM's Web-Based Storefront Unveiled

RIM WebBlackBerry-maker Research In Motion is trying all possible strategies and its applications to lead against its rivals Apple and Google.

The recent news is that the Canadian firm has released the BlackBerry App World website storefront. One can have them on the phone, where one can easily buy and download smart phone programs via the Web.

It is stated that the looking out for free and paid apps on a BlackBerry device is a tedious process, which has been revamped by RIM's recent App World 2.0 update, as hinted on the website.

BlackBerry users could now be able to edit their "My World" accounts -- where records of their app downloads are kept and thus, could easily be able to download on sync them on the phones. App reviews can be browsed, and even written, on the website as well. However, on needs to have a BlackBerry ID. This ID apparently is different than my BlackBerry account which can be employed to check e-mail and other services.

One needs to have a browser plug-in, and a quick update to your BlackBerry, to support the latest App World store.

Meanwhile, it is stated that close to 11,000 apps are available, according to app store analytics firm Distimo, where rival Apple boasts of 300,000, and the Android Market nearing 100,000 apps.