Athletes warned of taking methylhexaneamine

Australian SportsOZ athletes have been warned that they should steer clear of dietary supplements that contain methylhexaneamine, which is banned.

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority had sent an email this week to the An email was sent to sporting federations and high-profile athletes of various sports were then informed about the email.

Nine positive samples were returned that had the banned substance and this might results in a two-year ban, ASDA said.

Diligence has to be exercised by athletes while taking dietary supplements and they must ensure that the banned stimulant is not present in the supplements.

ASDA email states that athletes will be responsible solely for any substance found in their body and they must do things at their won risk. This substance is classed as an S6 stimulant on the Prohibited list and is prohibited in-competition.

But track star Tamsyn Lewis says, “The warnings don't go far enough and ASADA needs to do more to educate athletes. Products containing the banned stimulant should be identified by the drug testing agency as most athletes continue to use dietary supplements.”