Regional tours by Anti-fluoride crusader

Anti-fluoride-crusaderWhen Ann Bressington, South Australian Independent MP got to know some people concern about the use of fluoride in their drinking water, she studied the effect of fluoride and started touring the nation to co-ordinate a campaign by different anti-fluoride groups to bring awareness among the people. She compares the effect of fluoride with tobacco, DDT and asbestos.

Yesterday, she arrived in Lismore and will be there till tomorrow. After that, she is scheduled to meet some anti-fluoridation groups at Gold Coast. She said that the concerns of the groups were sound and she agrees with them.

She further said that she had met several health professionals, who have claimed that they have been intimidated and bullied when they tried to express their views on the issue.

Further, their careers were also threatened. She said that these health professionals consisted of several dentists, nurses, dental nurses and doctors. She refused to name them as to protect their identities. She admitted that there has been a cool response from the South Australian Parliament on the issue, but she is committed in pushing the issue.