Alcatel-Lucent chosen by Etisalat to deploy IP-based telephony solutions

It was recently forwarded by Alcatel-Lucent that it has been successful in grabbing a contract from UAE-based Etisalat in order to deploy IP-based telephony solutions throughout its offices in the UAE.

The project, which will seek to provide the best possible collaboration across the employees of Etisalat, will be finalized through Alcatel-Lucent's business collaborator in the UAE, Al-Futtaim Technologies.

Essa Al Haddad, Chief Marketing Officer for Etisalat UAE said: "Our objective is to provide a unified communications software suite that would offer a state-of-the-art integrated user experience across all communication mediums and devices to our employees in order to enable optimal collaboration across our organization."

It has appeared that a complete, secure, integrated communications solution will be set up throughout Etisalat's offices, including voice communications, VoIP, LAN and VPN solutions; within the capacity of the agreement. The basic aim of this will be to support its workers collaborate and share knowledge in real time to boost productivity, job satisfaction and overall performance.

It is on the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise IP telephony platform and Alcatel-Lucent My Instant Communicator Unified Communications solution, where the solution is traced. It has the capacity to support 10,000 IP users in a pure VoIP deployment over eight main sites, with 3,500 My Instant Communicator users.

In addition, it can also incorporate the operator's network management platform, contact center and a total of 3,500 fax-server users.