Absent minds make us dream for half the day

Absent minds make us dream for half the dayA wandering mind is an unhappy mind and we thought otherwise.

Scientists have found that we might become miserable by daydreaming and not happier as we normally think.

They found that no matter what we were doing, almost half our waking hours were spent by us dreaming our lives away.

Even if our thoughts are about something pleasant, our ideal thoughts still do not make us happy. Instead, our wandering mind might leave us yearning for what might have been by daydreaming.

The study, at Harvard University, found that from the morning commute to doing the housework our minds are wandering 46.9 per cent of the time.

Scientists also found that the brain focuses on the task only when making love.

About 2,000 volunteers were followed using mobile phone technology going about their daily lives.

Updates were sent by these people on how happy they felt, what they were doing, and whether their mind was wandering.

Researcher Matthew Killingsworth said, “This study shows our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the non-present.”

It was also seen that volunteers after letting their minds wander tended to be less happy than they were before.