Reminiscence Room takes Alzheimer’s patients back in time

Alzheimer patientsAlzheimer's patients no longer need to take medication, not atleast when they walk into this room that has a Bakelite telephone, an old-fashioned wireless, a manual typewriter, 1950s furniture and a proper tea tray.

Well if you think that this was a museum then think twice because it is not as this set-up has been made to help people suffering from Alzheimer's.

Carers say since they introduced the `Reminiscence Room' for patients at Coombe End Court, in Marlborough, Wilts, there has been a dramatic drop in the anti-psychotic drugs needed to treat the condition.

About 60 residents of which a third are suffering from severe dementia are cared for at the care home, run by the Orders of St John Care Trust. Alzheimer's affects about 600,000 Britons every year.

Claire Walters, the home's unit manager, said, "Years ago if somebody was upset and distressed in the night, you'd give them a tablet but now we bring them in and we talk to them. Within an hour they're completely calm and happy."

Care home chief Sue Linsley said that an important role is played by the Reminiscence Room when it comes to reducing the use of medication.