Tom Cruise sky high in Dubai

Tom CruiseThe daredevil stunts of the Hollywood star Tom Cruise is in another level. This time it has reached 160 levels and 2,717ft up in the air.

Peacefully the 48-year-old adrenaline junkie balances on top of the world's tallest building. It reaches half a mile into the Dubai skyline.

Cruises droops his exposed feet over the edge of the Burj Khalifa Tower. This was done when he films scenes for his new movie Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Before this month the actor made surprised a family of holidaymakers visiting the 828m tower by hanging outside a window on the 124th floor. Cruise bursted his famous smile at the Eisenmanns from Norwich, although he was balanced by safety wires from the building. It is the place where he is filming for the fourth film in the progression.

Caitlin Eisenmann, 42 was in trip with husband Simon, 45, and seven year old daughter Imogen. She said that he smiled and wedged his thumbs up.

He was so high but still he was enjoying and he didn't look scared.