UAE Plans To Improve Food Security

Food SecurityAs we all know, the Gulf States are strongly dependent on foreign farmlands for their food just like the United Arab Emirates which imports 80% of its food products from foreign countries.

UAE stores food brought in from other countries in their supermarkets and keeps them ready to be sold directly to the consumer, with merely a tiny portion (about 20-25%) fetched from the locally processed foods.

However, UAE, which is a highly oil-rich nation, has realized the threats that come with such a strong food dependency (especially in an unstable economy like it) and has released plans to establish a government-owned trading house targeted to secure supplies of food.

Since the oil-bonanza of the late 50's and 60's, many Gulf States including the UAE saw sharp rise in the population.

However, there was only limited growth in the agricultural sector. So they had to start importing their food which eventually became the norm. After the food crisis of 2007-8 which witnessed huge rises in the food costs, food security became a big issue for the Gulf states who are now worried about their dependency and vulnerability.

They are therefore trying to improve their food security locally.