Queen's 1979 visit a glimpse of UAE for the world

Queen's 1979 visit a glimpse of UAE for the worldWhen the Queen had visited the Gulf States years ago in February 1979, it had grabbed the attention of a huge international public. Iran had just got come out of its Islamic Revolution, barely a month before, and the Shah had just got replaced by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

Thus when the royal yacht Britannia made a voyage o the Middle East, it appeared to many as if it were sailing right into the heart of a storm. However, that visit gave the whole world a glimpse of the UAE, and opened the doors for many.

Many westerners considered the region to be a mysterious place, where white-robed sheikhs of unfathomable wealth rule over the desert kingdoms built on oil. Everyone wondered how a woman, even though she was the Queen of England, could have been welcomed in this world full of men.

This had attracted great interest and speculation of the press. Resultantly, the media party that accompanied in the voyage was filled with journalists not only from Britain and neighboring Arab states but also from all over the globe.

The Queen’s visit showed the world how warmly the Arabs welcomed their guests and treated them.