Nurses soon to claim the strike

NSW-Nurses-UnionNurses in New South Wales claim that they soon will go planned to strike this week despite being cautioned by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC).

The NSW Nurses Union states it to be more than 180 of its branches are planning to strike on Wednesday.

It seems to be coming for the State Government to authorize a reduced nurse-to-patient ratio in the public health system.

The department of health claims that the AIRC previously has commanded the nurses to postpone the strike for a minimum of month. However, union general secretary Brett Holmes states the Government will need to present to the table and negotiate to stop them.

He added:"The people of Victoria have had nurse-to-patient ratios since 2001. It's now time for New South Wales to have the same benefits. Our members have had enough of the poor staffing levels in our hospitals and our community health system. So, this is an important claim on behalf of the community of New South Wales."

NSW Premier Kristina Keneally added this week the Government is discussing with the union and claimed to surprise as he vouched to strike.