Dubai Police Imprisons Lesbian Couple for Kissing on the Beach

A lesbian couple was jailed for kissing on a public beach in Dubai. As a unique case the Dubai Court of Appeal has found the couple guilty of indecency.

The 30-year-old Lebanese and 36-year-old Bulgarian women have been sentenced to one month’s jail and shall be deported to their home towns thereafter.

A Daily has reported that the women have been charged with kissing and indecent act on Al Mamzar public beach by the prosecution.

When the women got close to each other the onlookers called the police.

A witness stated, “The Lebanese woman was lying on top of the Bulgarian and the two were cuddling and kissing each other in front of us.”

The witness further added, “I called the police because it was indecent especially as there were some families around.”

This case has coincided with that of a British couple who appeared in a Dubai Court for having sex on a beach in the Gulf city.