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TopNews Arab Emirates offers latest news on Business and Technology. The website offers important updates for busy professionals, who demand quick information. TopNews keeps you updated on Stock Markets, Technology, Real Estate, Company News and Banking Sector and Regional news from Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran and Jordan.

A Brief profile of our editors has been listed below.

Faarooq Mehmood manages Business News and Retail Sector on TopNews. Faarooq has finished Master's Degree in Finance at RIT, Dubai. He has been tracking Business Events, Retail Sector and Company Information in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for past 3 years.

Aabid Hussain keeps a close watch on company results and Stock Markets. Aabid brings with him ten years of experience. He has worked in two major local media companies before joining TopNews. Aabid has special interest in Travel and Aviation Sector.

Akilah Amiri manages Energy Sector on TopNews Arab Emirates. Akilah remains in touch with different sources in the industry and keeps us updated about the latest happenings in the sector.

Gurpreet Singh has managed Finance and Banking sector for various news agencies during the past six years. Mr. Singh also manages Asia News at TopNews. He has special interest in Music and Entertainment as well.

Kadir bin Rashid is an automotive expert. He has worked for major auto dealerships in Qatar for 7 years. He returned to Abu Dhabi last year and has joined TopNews 8 months back.

Senior Reporters

Sadik Al Rumaithi works as senior reporter and manages Local News from Dubai. Mr. Rumaithi also keeps a watch on happening in Abu Dhabi.

Rehan Rachid joined TopNews in 2007 as senior correspondent in Travel Sector. He has explored almost all parts of Emirates and Middle East.

Manjinder Singh reports for Energy Sector and works with Akilah Amiri. Manjinder also keeps a watch on Stock Markets.

Saurav Ghosh reports the latest happenings in Telecom and Media space for TopNews. He has earlier worked for TopNews India.

Kamilah Qasimi works in HealthCare and Pharmaceutical Sector as Senior reporter.

TopNews offers news about HealthCare and Entertainment features on Weekends. For Interviews and Contact Information, Please click here.

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