Abu Dhabi to start piloting its luxury hotels

Abu-Dhabi-Tourism-AuthorityIn an announcement, it has been informed that now all the luxury hotels of the capital will be under observation. Abu Dhabi has announced that all the hotels in the city will now go under certain guidelines as well. Abu Dhabi will start piloting its hotels so that they can obey all the green norms. As per the announcement, the hotels won’t be rated as per their luxury and offered facilities only.

They need to environment friendly as well. The new guideline suggests that the apart from attractiveness, the hotels now have to look after the environmental friendliness as well. The objective of the new plan is to enhance the green credentials of the hotel industry in the capital.

The green building guidelines for hotels will now be monitored by Abu Dhabi. It has planned to come up with a park of 900-hectare. The name of this park will be Ain Wildlife Park and Resort which would cost around the Dh3.2 billion (US$871.2 million). Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA) will decide the further rating system for the hotels of the city.