UK tries to advance UAE trade to £12b by the year 2015

Guy-WarringtonOn Wednesday a grand status diplomat held that by the year 2015 Britain is pressing forward to make better its mutual trade with the UAE to £12 billion from £7.5 billion. It will take the help of the new government giving amplified focus on its trade and economic ties with the Gulf.

Guy Warrington, the Ambassador General at the British Embassy in Dubai, assumed that the UK was consigned to increase its stakes in the Gulf. It is the country’s 7th biggest export partner.

They sell to other countries more to the Gulf as compared to India and China combined. However they are not satisfied with that, only in the UAE they are commended to increasing mutual trade from £7.5 billion to £12 billion by the year 2015.

Warrington said that at the “Britain in the UAE” confirm in Dubai where several 200 companies are searching potential business prospects across the region.

He announced that they want to be the commercial partner of variety across the Middle East and North Africa region, and they have the capability and experience to do so.