Walking May Slowdown the Rate of Alzheimer’s

Walking May Slowdown the Rate of Alzheimer’sA recently conducted research that was presented at the yearly congregation of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) has concluded that walking can slower the rate of Alzheimer's disease in people. It has also indicated that people showing early signs of Alzheimer's are the most likely to benefit by exercising regularly.

The study was carried out by a group of experts from the University of Pittsburgh. In the research, the team had followed 299 healthy adults and 127 people wild mild cognitive decline for a period of ten years. Following a proper scrutiny of people, it was discovered that the more people walked the bigger their brains measured in MRI scans.

The research concluded that people with cognitive disability had to walk an average five miles a week to maintain their brain volume for a period above ten-years. The study further concluded that people who walked less were likely to experience a faster decline in mental abilities, in comparison to people who walked more.

While talking about the study, Dr. Cyrus Raji from the University of Pittsburgh stated that the idea behind the study was to find ways to limit the damage caused by Alzheimer's as a cure has not yet been found for the chronic condition. He further rued that walking was not a cure for the condition, but just a way to improve the lifestyle of a person, suffering from the devastating condition.