UAE officials feel India support Talibans in Pakistan

UAE officials feel India support Talibans in PakistanThe security officials in the United Arab Emirates were of the opinion that India and Iran had aided the Pakistani Taliban and Pushtun separatists, in the wake of US suggesting that UAE was one of the fund providers for the militants, as revealed in a diplomatic cable by WikiLeaks.

This allegation by the UAE officials was observed in a State Department cable which reported the details of a certain meeting that took place amongst the officials of the US Treasury Department and also of UAE's State Security Department (SSD) and Dubai's General Department of State Security (GDSS) to talk about the suspected Taliban-associated financial activity in the Emirates. The meeting had taken place for many hours on December 15-16, 2009.

During the meeting Iran's support to the Taliban in Pakistan was apparently observed by the GDSS officials, who further added that they believe India to have also supported Pakistani Taliban as well as the Pashtun separatists.

In the meeting, USA was represented by the Treasury Department acting assistant secretary of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis Howard Mendelsohn.

Mendelsohn raised the names of certain Afghanistan and Pakistan-based terrorist groups, and the unaware UAE security services promised to follow up on them.