3 year term of validity of labour cards will be cut to 2 year term in UAE

labour cardsIn a recent order, UAE labour ministry department has stated that expiry period of labour cards will be shortened from 3 years' term to 2 years.

The labourers will lose chance to work in a company freely for three years. According to experts, this type of drastic step will also produce negative impact on visa and passport.

However, in a press conference, spokespersons of labour department of UAE have given promise that it would not create any unhealthy and obstructive situation in the commercial industry.

In addition experts have further pointed out that there will be new openings and vacancies in public sector and privately owned commercial organizations.

Short term contractual agreement will help workers to get switchover to other companies if they find better placements in such commercial organizations. This new labor act will be started in the year of 2011 and workers will be given full fledged support to earn honestly.

This decision will certainly help contractors, daily labourers and those who want to seek for the better job opportunities. However, the higher authority of UAE has not specifically highlighted the reason of cancellation of three year-term validity of labour cards.