Sex determination not supported in OZ

Sex-determinationDespite an overwhelming desire by many to have one boy and one girl, most Australians are opposed to choosing the sex of their child.

Research led by University of Melbourne demographer Dr Rebecca Kippen has stated that people are against sex-selective abortions are about 80 per cent and the use of IVF for sex selection are 67 per cent.

Moreover, only 11 percent stated yes for supporting a hypothetical blue or pink pill for sex selection.

In the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, and a series of in-depth parental interviews, the findings, published online in Fertility and Sterility today, are based on responses from more than 2,500 people.

The results were found to be very surprising according to Dr Kippen.

She said, "Very strongly in Australia there is a preference for one child of each sex, rather than sons over daughters, or vice versa. But we found a very high opposition to all three methods of sex selection."

Behind the strong disapproval rates, there are various reasons, according to Dr Kippen.

In OZ only one of these concerns is really valid.