Customs have seized over 2 million narcotics tablets

Dubai-CustomsThe custom inspectors of Dubai have seized huge amount of narcotics tablets in their recent operation. The weight of these tablets is around one ton and 235kg.

The officers have also informed that the bag was suspected to be brought from an Asian country. This consignment was about to be delivered in a local Cargo village. The company which was importing pharmaceuticals without any license had to receive the consignment.

Senior Manager of Dubai Customs Air Cargo Operation, Omar Ahmed Al Muhairi has informed that the consignment was under suspicion of the department. While examining bills of entry, the customs have found out the issue and had gone for an investigation of the same.

Al Muhairi has also added they have caught one person who is under suspicion of the case. As per Al Muhairi, the person came to the office and requested to re-export the consignment.

He wanted to issue a customs declaration for this export. But then, the custom officers had examined the bag and then have found out the illegal tablets.