India's corporate jet market eyed by Dubai’s firm

India has been eyed by Dubai-based ETA-Ascon Star Group, which is planning to construct a business jet infrastructure by redeveloping hundreds of its small airstrips for the country’s flourishing corporate segment.

During the beginning of this year, this group had constructed Star Aviation in India, which had marked the initiation of aviation business for this group. During the same time, it had also launched ETA Star Jet for the corporate jet market in the Gulf.

It was revealed by the company that wherever airstrips and helipads are to be constructed, the company would be more than happy to invest.

Further it was reported by Hameed Salahuddin, the director of ETA-Ascon Star Group, “We have entered the executive jet business by setting up a new company, ETA Star Jet, to serve the growing needs of corporate clients across the region.”

He further said, “We are acquiring three aircraft to start with and we will unveil this during the next Middle East Business Aviation conference in Dubai. The company will expand its fleet in the coming years as demand for business jet grows.”

“The biggest demand is expected from the Indian market as the economy is on a fast-track growth. Corporate India has moved to the next generation that needs fast transit facilities across the country,” added an enthusiast Salahuddin.

Currently, a number of business and industrial parks and economic zones are being constructed in India, that require air-strips or helipads for business leaders to comfort their traveling tours to various parts of the world.

Salahuddin informed that they are in contact with the Indian airport officials to develop the facilities and systems.