Ambulance response times hit due to winters

Ambulance response times hit due to wintersFor reaching three-quarters of category A emergency calls, the current time of eight minutes is taken by the Scottish Ambulance Service, SAS.

But within the target time between 7 December 2009 and 6 December last year, figures obtained under Freedom of Information legislation state that across mainland Scotland the SAS reached only 72.7 per cent of category A calls.

In the last 12 months, by 0.3 per cent average response times to 999 calls dropped, according to an official statistics from the previous year that shows that ambulance responses are getting slower.

Two extraordinary waits were stated by the FoI request for an ambulance, the reason for which is stated as weather conditions.

In November a category A incident in snow-affected Tayside was taken three-and-a-half hours by an ambulance when after a person after failing was reported to be not alert.

On December 6 due to heavy snowfall, both major and minor roads were blocked but still the slowest response time recorded in the past five years happened on this day.

SAS had undertaken the tough task of overcoming two of the worst winters ever happened in Scotland and opposition parties acknowledged it.