The bond between Canada and Persian Gulf weakens

Stephen-HarperRecently, the United Arab Emirates had demanded for a confession over a partial diplomatic disagreement. The Harper government has not yet given the statement on this issue.

The relations between Canada and the Persian Gulf federation were not normal at all. This has been declared in the caption in the Gulf News newspaper in its latest edition. This was declared after receiving the comments of Prime Minister, Stephen Harper over the consistency of the UAE as a collaborator.

At present, Spokesperson for Harper and for two top cabinet ministers who were touring in the region has turned down all comments and the demand which has been made by unknown UAE government officials.

After the refusal by Ottawa to grant two Emirati airlines extra landing rights the bonding between the UAE and Canada has weakened in recent months. Canada has been posed by the UAE to depart from its Camp Mirage. This had been an important place for the military operation in Kandahar.

Moreover there has been an obligatory over visa requirements on Canadian travelers and business people ranging from $250 to $1,000.