Canada in a dispute with UAE for landing rights

iris-evansThe fight that UAE has been having with Canada regarding landing rights might destroy trade relations both the nations have with each other; the chief of the Canadian Business Council in Dubai gave a warning.

According to Shane Philips, a business consultant in Dubai, the freshly established visa constraints might reduce the Canadian attendance at trade shows within the UAE.

His statements come after the news according to which a delegation all the way from Alberta had arrived that looks forwards to save the exports from the Canadian province to the UAE, out at a value of around Dh570million per year.

The delegation came to the capital last Friday and is to stay for at least seven days. It is being headed by the international and intergovernmental minister Iris Evans, who had for a long time supported the Emirates and Etihad Airlines application for landing rights.

According to Ms Evans, a speaker at the World Future Energy Summit, which was inaugurated in the capital only yesterday, the fight between both the nations is not going to be of any advantage to anyone, and that to benefit all there needs to be a resolution of the matter.