Obama Admin Affirms Support for US-UAE Nuclear Cooperation

The Obama administration has supported the nuclear-cooperation deal with the United Arab Emirates, which had become necessary for the U.S. companies to get contracts out of the $40 billion to $60 billion contracts for building the nuclear reactors.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said, "The deal, which still faces congressional approval, is necessary to allow U.S. companies to participate.  U.S. government stands firmly behind you in this endeavor."
The UAE is looking for the primary contractor for the nuclear-power projects and is expected to finalize it by the fall. The US-UAE Business Council along with representatives from 30 to 40 companies shall visit the region in order to develop partnerships.

Ali Humaid Al Zaabi, Head of Programs and Management for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation in Abu said, "We will need millions of feet of cable. We will be looking to partner with training and educational entities."

Although the U.S.  Iran relations are strained, and last month itself more than 70 senators agreed to sponsor a bill which would levy sanctions against Iran. Iran has been vigorously pursuing its nuclear enrichment program.

However, contrary to it, the U.S. UAE deal is expected to materialize as UAE decided not to go in for its domestic enrichment and reprocessing activities, and instead would meet its fuel requirements from the international markets.