Interim report- Caring for Older Australians will be out soon

AustraliaThe much eagerly awaited report into Australia's Aged Care system is about to be released by the Productivity Commission.

The report is expected to arrive on January 21 and is known as the interim report - Caring for Older Australians.

Developing options for Structural reforms of the aged care system in April 2010 was what the Rudd Government had made an announcement about.

Various groups like aged care providers, older Australians, carers, interested parties and government agencies were spoken to by the commission.

About 487 submissions have been received by the Inquiry.

Action CEO of the Aged and Community Services Australia, ACSA, stated that the report released will act as a landmark for Australia's aged care system and the care that will be given in the future and also the support of older Australians.

Housing for older Australians and residential care is provided by ACSA, which is the national peak body representing Not for Profit and faith-based organizations.

The responsibility for aged care should be taken by the Commonwealth Government, according to submission, and this can be possible through its funding that will be channeled through a single consolidated program.