Memo gets health worker reprimanded

Queensland healthAfter a Queensland health employee demanded proof about workers who had not appeared during floods has been reprimanded. It has been stated that these workers did not turn up because they themselves were affected by the impact of floods.

Staff at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, RBWH, was asked to give evidence for which a memo was sent and the evidence they said should have photographs so that it could be proved by them that they were actually affected by floods.

According to Queensland Health Minister Paul Lucas, the memo was no apt fro this time as it was a time of flood crisis and termed the memo as offensive and one of the most stupid emails to be sent to staff. He said that some sort of common sense and sensitivity was expected by the staff at this time.

He said, "You can't go sending out memos to people saying these sorts of things in the middle of a flood crisis. I have personally witnessed people in Queensland Health going above and beyond the call of duty."

It has been stated that the employee who circulated the memo has now been disciplined.