UAE is the most attractive investment destination in the region

UAE is the most attractive investment destination in the regionAs per a government official, UAE has turned out to be the hottest foreign direct investment destination in whole of Middle East. Name of the top official is Abdullah Al Saleh who is working at the Under-secretary in the Ministry of Foreign. He said that the economy of UAE has got a very strong foundation and is fully capable to meet the economic challenges that are present in the markets now.

He was talking to the press during a press conference that was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade in Dubai. Besides this, he also used the conference for the announcement of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) that is going to take place from May 10 till 12.

Meanwhile, during his speech the minister claimed that there is still a huge untapped potential in UAE market and AIM has been organized so that investors are fully able to use the opportunities that are being provided to them.

Comparing UAE to other Mena-region countries he proudly said that they were fully capable of getting the highest annual growth in terms of direct foreign investment.