Canadian businessman denied visa in UAE

Canadian businessman denied visa in UAE Darius Mosun, is a businessman who was not allowed to go inside UAE because it had denied him visa. And while Darius has returned back to his homeland, he has said that he wants to meet the PM Stephen Harper and ask him to finish all kinds of diplomatic relationship that the two countries share.

Darius is into the business of architectural construction and has demanded that he be allowed to meet the PM and said that some decision in regard to the relationship between the two nations must be taken up soon since it is the single largest trading partner for Canada in the Middle East. Trade of millions of dollars still takes place between the two parties.

Meanwhile he said that it is very embarrassing when someone is not given a visa just because he/she is holding a Canadian passport. It is un-Canadian and that even if everyone is ok with it, he is going to stand against the move.

Darius was denied entry on last Friday. He had to spend the night at the airport terminal before coming back to his country. In response, UAE officials have said that he was banned entry because his visa had expired.