The dispute between UAE and Canada should be worked out, Say provincial leaders

Dalton-McGuintyA centralized government has been called by the head of one of Canada's most economically powerful provinces. This has been done to resolve a disagreement with the UAE over landing rights for its airlines.

The Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has said that the quarrel between the two countries could affect terribly the future business relationships.

The UAE is considered as the financial nerve centre for the Middle East as stated by him. He has informed this to the Canadian media on Wednesday. He has also added that it would be the Chinese equivalent of Shanghai. They have to maintain a good trading relationship.

According to Shane Philips, executive board member of the Canadian Business Council, Ontario is one of the leading exporters to the UAE in terms of airline landing tools as well as healthcare.

As per him, there is a strong and really significant amount of trade between Ontario and the UAE. The province has ranked the UAE as the 17th biggest export market.

The cost of goods exported from Ontario to the UAE was more than that of goods exported from the UAE to the province as reported earlier.