China, UAE pledges to strengthen bilateral relations

China, UAE pledges to strengthen bilateral relationsUnited Arab Emirates (UAE) and China have been working to strengthen their mutual ties by rolling out a new era of bilateral trade and diplomatic relations. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, who is visiting China, said that China and the UAE have cooperated in the areas such as trade and economy and will continue to do so in future through wide scale cultural exchange programs.

The Chinese Minister held a meeting with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan discussing a variety of issues of mutual interest. He thanked UAE for extending support to China on human right issues and Xinjiang.

Prince Sheikh Mohammed said that building strong relations between both countries is the need of the hour and both countries will develop pragmatic relations in the coming years for playing a special role in the national and international affairs.

Earlier, the Chinese minister rolled out his official visit to UAE with a positive note and hoped that this visit will strengthen their ties for bringing prosperity across the two regions.