Authority of Frankston Hospital under Scanner for Mismanagement

emergency-wardThe authority of the Frankston Hospital might get into serious trouble as another patient claimed that she experienced tragic miscarriage just because of the mismanagement at the emergency ward. This is the third case of unfortunate miscarriage which happened due to negligence of treatment.

Two cases are already in the limelight. One is Ms. Lake, who was around three months pregnant, waited in the hospital for around four long hours. Her condition was quite serious but she was not attended by any of the doctors and finally she had a miscarriage at the toilet.

After that another local lady, Rebecca Wadey, faced the same situation like Ms. Lake. She also waited long hours in the hospital but unfortunately had a miscarriage before being seen by a doctor. She claimed that there was no one to take care of her when she was going through the pain of miscarriage.

Latest complaint has come from a lady who claimed that the hospital staff did not take proper care of her and could not manage her high risk pregnancy in the year 2009 and unfortunately she had a still born baby.

The lady further added that though she was not comfortable and repeatedly told stuff something is wrong, nobody paid attention to her and ignored her words. She claimed that was a selfish act.

The hospital authority admitted the fact and ordered investigation into similar kind of complaints lodged by other patients.