No link found between brain tumors, cell phones

No link found between brain tumors, cell phonesA new British study has stated that the risk of brain cancer is not increased by the use of cell phones.

University of Manchester researchers said that there was no change in the number of cases of brain cancer being diagnosed in both the sexes when from 1998 to 2007 an analysis of data on newly diagnosed cases of brain cancer in England was made seeing the increasing usage of cell phones.

It was seen that cancers of the brain’s temporal lobe was seen rising by an increase of about 0.6 more cases than usual. This means that in England’s 52 million population, 31 extra cases.

It was however stated by the study authors that during the study period, there was a fall in the cancers of the brain's parietal lobe, cerebrum and cerebellum in English men.

Lead researcher Frank de Vocht, an occupational and environmental health expert, said, “There is an on-going controversy about whether radio-frequency exposure from mobile phones increases the risk of brain cancer. Our findings indicate that a causal link between mobile phone use and cancer is unlikely because there is no evidence of any significant increase in the disease.”