UAE missile deal to take more time

Lockheed-Martin-missileIt has been informed that the decision on the UAE missile will take some more time. Lockheed Martin has informed that the decision on purchase of a new missile defence system will take more time. It has also been informed that UAE may complete this purchase in spring season this year.

The vice president for international air missile defence at Lockheed Martin's, Stan Green has informed that they have reviewed all the potential contracts twice. They have also scheduled to go for another review very soon. Green has informed this at the IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

He has also added that he is also expecting that UAE may sign the order in next couple of days. It may be possible as US government has to answers some questions that have been raised by UAE.

UAE is going to get hold of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system which is designed to fight with the, short- to medium-range ballistic missile.

If UAE can through with this deal then it will be the first nation to have THAAD system along with US.