Unannounced inspection visits to construction sites by HSE

Unannounced inspection visits to construction sites by HSEConstruction sites across the country will not be spared now. It means that unannounced visits to these sites will be taking place according to an announcement from the Health and Safety Executive, HSE.

These visits begin with immediate effect and will carry on for the next month.

It will be seen during the visits that work is being managed effectively at height and safety norms are being followed. The main aim is to check that the risk of asbestos is being properly managed.

An intensive inspection initiative has been taken and these visits form a part of this initiative that wants construction industry free of injury and deaths.

Unannounced visits will expect these construction companies to be ready with safety and health obligations being followed properly and if there is refurbishment work being done then asbestos surveys have been conducted prior to that.

Councillor Barry Gibbs, CDC cabinet member for communities said, “It makes sense for the local authorities and the HSE to pool their resources and expertise. It will not only enable us to get the best use out of our minimal resources, but should also bring about a real improvement in the overall standard of health and safety regulation across Gloucestershire,”