EPA Tests Reveals Chemical Contamination in Bore Water

EPA-Tests-bore-waterThe Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has warned the residents of Adelaide, not to use bore water after tests revealed toxic chemicals. The EPA had written to more than 2200 residents of suburban South Plympton and Edwardstownfor stop using underground water until they receive any further notice.

The authorities have warned that the contaminated water is a potential health threat.

The EPA was taking all the necessary precautions to warn the residents about the chemical contamination of ground water. There are 30 registered bores in the area.

The chemicals in the bore water were found to be fuels and industrial solvents which were used in the past to clean metal and as degreasers. The level of contamination was above Australian Drinking Water Guideline values. The EPA is still conducting some tests to determine the full nature and extent of the contamination.

Helen Fulcher, Chief Executive of the Environment Protection Authority says that they are taking every step to protect the health of the community.

He added that they will keep the community informed of all the results.