Voluntary PR being looked for by cancer charity

Voluntary PR being looked for by cancer charityMacmillan Cancer Support is Scotland's leading cancer charities and to publicize the fund-raising work it does, voluntary PR support is what it is looking at.

Someone who knows what makes it big when it comes to making a news story and also being able to interview those who are affected by this disease is what the charity is looking for.

For doing so, at Macmillan’s offices in either Edinburgh, Dundee, Clydebank or Aberdeen, the successful candidate will be placed for a day a week or two half-days.

Also, under the NHS Lothian Proposal, more about being treated will be told to cancer patients in the Lothians.

It is being attempted that more and more people are involved in their own care and this is being done in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support.

Experts stated that their recovery will be helped by this and also they will be helped in influencing their own care.

Many people were seen favoring this move during an 18-month study based on which this decision was taken.

Dr Belinda Hacking, the trial's principal investigator, said "We have significant findings indicating that the intervention had a positive impact on increasing patients' confidence about their treatment decisions."