Marital bliss comes from no kids

Marital bliss comes from no kidsThe formula of being happy has been figured out by a major UK study when it comes to couples and this formula does not include kids.

People who were couples were asked by researchers at the Institute for Social and Economic Research that how would they rate themselves on the scale of happiness from a low score to being extremely happy to happy and also perfect.

It was seen that married couples were seen to be happier as compared to couples who were just staying together. When it came to men who were married, about 90 per cent said that they were happy and 93 per cent women who were married said they were happy. Whereas in couples who were staying together, 92 per cent men said they were happy and this percentage of women was 88 per cent.

Couples who were educated, men were employed and had no kids and were together for less than five years were the happiest out of all.

The socio-economic circumstances of about 40,000 households in Britain were being tracked by the Understanding Society study and these figures are a result of this.

David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science, said, “The findings will inform not only individual life choices but also government policy, directing efforts toward those who need it most.”