Cannabis Will Drive You Crazy

Cannabis Will Drive You CrazyCannabis could make you turn gaga! According to a new research conducted by scientists, it was found that teenagers using this drug could show psychotic symptoms.

It was found that this drug, which is closely related to marijuana, and gives a “high” of similar nature, is one of the main reasons for making a person have psychotic experiences in their mid twenties.

Drugs are sure taking on the youth of the entire world. There are kids in school who start smoking these horrible drugs and then may turn to becoming criminals to fulfill their urge to smoke.

You will find many who live in their own “Boom Shankar” world and consider this horrible drug to be a herbal and absolutely harmless one What they don’t realize now is that they are going to have terrible experiences in the later staged of their lives.

Cannabis users in particular, teens users, shall have 6to face strange changes in their mental status in the mid twenties of their age. There is a dire need to change this situation before it leads to widespread disaster results.