Miscarriage, still birth depression can last for years

Miscarriage, still birth depression can last for yearsAccording to a new research, for years, anxiety and depression that a still birth and a miscarriage cause can be with a woman and this remains even if she delivers a healthy baby later.

Depression and anxiety that were caused due to these two mishaps were seen in later pregnancies also and these were independent of key psychosocial and obstetric factors.

Researchers stressed on the point that even if a women who has had a miscarriage or a still birth delivered a healthy baby, still suffered from the impact that pre-natal loss caused and that too for years.

Principal investigators Emma Robertson Blackmore, PhD, University of Rochester Medical Center, New York, said, “Our study clearly shows that the birth of a healthy baby does not resolve the mental health problems that many women experience after a miscarriage or still birth. This finding is important because, when assessing if a woman is at risk of antenatal or postnatal depression; previous pregnancy loss is usually not taken into account.”

In the United States, about one million women are suffering from loss of pregnancy due to the two factors.