A Loss To Mankind

christchurch-earthquakeThe after effects and moaning for the loss of lives in Christchurch earthquake continues. The people are also sad over the loss of the television station of this region.

A report suggests that out of 25 Canterbury Television staff, 15 have lost their lives after the CTV building collapsed after the earthquake. This deadly incident happened on 25th February. It is being estimated that approximately 100 people were in the building that day.

The Civil Defence have announced a shift from rescue to recover within the entire city. The central city cordon faced the most of the deaths.

Reports also state that police are yet to recover the bodies trapped inside the rubble. This building was completely destroyed in the earthquake. The police told the relatives of the people that there is a very little chance to find out anyone alive.

A message was uploaded on the official website of CTV stating that the building collapsed on February 22, 2011. There have been many missing staffs and many lives have lost.

“The thoughts and heartfelt sympathies of those who remain go out to the families and friends of our missing colleagues, and to all in Christchurch who are missing or have lost a loved one in this tragedy”, the website reported.