Laughter is better than expensive therapies

Laughter is better than expensive therapiesIt has been stated by researchers from the University of Leed’s School of Healthcare that hi-tech treatments like ultrasound is less effective when it comes to laughter. Laughter is helpful in making recovery faster and blood circulation also increases.

Leg ulcers are recurrent in people in UK and reports state that about 500,000 people suffer from them. People who have problems with mobility and varicose veins suffer from leg ulcers. This situation can also be aggravated due to obesity.

People who had leg ulcers were assessed for about five years and the diaphragm is stimulated when someone laughs as it plays an important role in blood circulation. It has also been figured out that when it comes to giving benefits, not much of help is delivered by ultrasound therapy that is expensive also.

The healing period of leg ulcers that are complicated is about six months and can be more also. It was seen by researchers that the expensive ultrasound therapy that is worth 200 pounds on an average is not that beneficial in speeding up the healing process.

The research said, “Forget technology. The best prescription for patients with venous leg ulcers is good quality nursing care and the occasional belly laugh!”