How to handle radiation sickness

radiationIf you get exposed to radiation you must not leave your house, close all windows and doors and turn off the gas mains.

There are reports of radiation from nuclear plant in Japan going towards southwards of Taiwan and the details were being shown on a news channel over the weekend in Taiwan.

The advisory stated, face mask is important in case you want to leave your house and in every case wear your sun glasses and also carry an umbrella as this will bring down the risk of radioactive contamination.

In case one gets exposed to high radiations then popping in an iodine pill is the answer and Iostat was the name of the pill being shown by the advisory that has potassium iodide that helps keeping thyroid glands safe in case a person gets exposed to radiation too much.

It was also stated that iodine pills should not be taken on one’s own and should be taken only if health officials ask you to. An information sheet on Iostat states that no protection will be given if you pop in too much of the pill.