Breastfeeding improves mental health of a child

Breastfeeding improves mental health of a childIt has been reported by a research that being healthy was not the only thing associated to breastfeeding but babies who were breastfed were also brighter as compared to those who were not breastfed.

About four weeks of breastfeeding can have a very significant and a positive impact on babies and this effect can last up to secondary school and even further.

About 12000 children who were breastfed and some were not were assessed for deriving these conclusions. These children were given scores at the age of seven, 11 and 14 years and when they entered school at the age of five years; they were given school entry test scores.

There were some shortcomings too in the study like all aspects that can have an effect on a child’s performance and cognition were not considered but the research still claimed that breastfeeding does have a positive impact on a child when it comes to physical and mental well-being.

Researchers have stated that the findings do not in any case convey the duration of breastfeeding a child and no specific advice given to mothers through the findings.