Tai chi helps reduce depression in older people

Tai chi helps reduce depression in older peopleA study has figured out that depression levels in people who are old are improved by Tai chi and it has been added that more number of people should follow hobbies like this.

Research stated that depression can be handled and also mental health can be improved and for this tai chi should be taken up by older people.

Two groups of people were taken for the study and it was noted by scientists of the University of California Los Angeles that as compared to people who received usual therapy, levels of depression were improved in those who added tai chi to standard depression treatment.

The study stated that with tai chi treatment, older people experienced better cognition, memory and a better quality of life. Energy levels were also high among people who were in the tai chi group.

Author Dr Helen Lavretsky said, “This study shows that adding a mind-body exercise like tai chi that is widely available in the community can improve the outcomes of treating depression in older adults, who may also have other, co-existing medical conditions, or cognitive impairment.”