UAE, Qatar to join no-fly zone over Libya

UAE, Qatar to join no-fly zone over LibyaThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar also shown their willingness to participate in the efforts of forming no-fly zone over Libya if authorized by the UN Security Council said by the Arab League representative Yahya Mahmassani to the Unites Nations on Thursday.

Mahmassani said that there are few nations who had already shown their willingness to take part in forming no fly zone although they don’t know the names.

The Arab League envoy passed a statement that Security Council consisting of 15 members are meeting to draft a resolution, presented by Lebanon, Britain and France.

It will be discussing the issue of no fly zone over Libya to bring an end to the violence and to protect the civilians in the North African country.

Finally, on Saturday the Arab League has decided to support the efforts to impose the no-fly zone over Libya.