Artists threaten boycott of Guggenheim in UAE

On Friday the Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) has said that it is planning to appoint a new company to control the welfare of construction workers on Saadiyat Island.

Recently 130 artists who included in the Arab art world, has refused to work on the $800m Guggenheim museum. They have told that they would continue this till an improvement is made in the welfare of foreign labourers. The museum is built on the island.

A statement has been issued by the Abu Dhabi's tourism development. The statement was released by Human Rights Watch on Thursday. The artists’ group has stated that it was giving reply to the reports of the worker abuses which included illegal recruiting fees and broken promises of wages.

On the other hand, TDIC has replied that the organization is very much cautious to protect the rights of the workers.

It has also said that it respects and supports the role of the artists to campaign for this issue. This was revealed by news agency WAM.