Ex-air force chief for protecting Libyans

Ex-air force chief for protecting LibyansUAE has denied its involvement in the ongoing military action against Libya by the US led western nations. The former commander of the Air Force Maj Gen Khaled al Bu-Ainnain said that UAE is committed for the security of Bahrain and protecting the rights of civilians.

He told, “The GCC is supporting Bahrain, and they were not happy at all with the European and American attitude. They think it’s a matter of a civil movement, a matter of democracy.”

He said that the Europeans and Americans require understanding the amount of the threat available in Bahrain. Pointing toward incidents of Tunisia and Egypt, he said that America is not clear of the strategy to be adopted in dealing with the crisis in Gulf region.

It should be recalled that UAE and some members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) had asked for no-fly zone over Libya in a bid to protect the innocent civilians from the attacks. In addition to this, the country is also involved in various humanitarian operations in the affected countries.